Adare Flood Relief Scheme

Limerick City and County Council and the OPW are progressing a flood relief scheme for Adare and the required studies for adjacent upstream and downstream areas.

Having one of Ireland’s oldest recorded placenames, Adare has long been afflicted by flooding from the River Maigue. There are reports of major floods occurring in the Adare area as far back as August 1946. Other events of flooding occurring in Adare include January 1995, February 1996, January 1999, February 2002, and most recently in 2014. The River Maigue frequently breaks it’s banks at Adare coinciding with high tides, however the embankments that form part of the existing Arterial Drainage Scheme offer a degree of protection downstream of Adare Bridge.

Limerick City and County Council as the Lead Authority, in partnership with the Office of Public Works (OPW) are advancing with the Adare Flood Relief Scheme. The OPW has recommended the development of a Flood Relief Scheme for Adare as a result of the work completed in the Shannon Estuary South River Basin (UoM 24) CFRAM Study Area.

Limerick City and County Council commissioned Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers in September 2021, to develop and implement a Flood Relief Scheme for Adare.

The initial stage of the project involves hydrological, geotechnical and environmental assessments, in addition to the outline design of flood relief measures, and cost benefit analysis.

Once a preferred flood relief option for the scheme has been determined and an outline design completed, Limerick City and County Council will seek consent for the proposed scheme in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Act. Once planning permission has been obtained, the scheme will progress through detailed design. Once detailed design has been completed, the scheme will proceed to tender and construction phase.

Throughout the development of Adare FRS consideration will be given to the N21 Limerick/Foynes Road, the 2027 Ryder Cup, Adare Public Realm Plan, potential future upgrade of the Foynes/Limerick Railway, and other public projects in the area.

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