Limerick - Atlantic Edge, European Embrace

  • Limerick - Atlantic Edge, European Embrace

Welcome to Limerick

Limerick sits in an enviable position, boasting some of the best connections across Ireland and beyond to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

But this geographical position amounts to more than a mere grid reference on a map. Limerick looks out across the Atlantic, the Americas just five hours away. And it is also an integral part of Europe, with its millennia of rich history. This dual aspect has informed the character of the place.

A rich combination of the verve that built America and the openness, experience and cultural appeal of Europe. Our brand both strategically locates Limerick in the world and brings to life the attitude that sets it apart.


Our Brand

Limerick offers energy, excitement, grit and limitless possibilities from its Atlantic location, combined with the timeless, creative and hospitable character of Europe. Limerick’s messaging can echo this duality. It has the ability to focus on the literal or multi-faceted meaning of the brand positioning line, Limerick - Atlantic Edge, European Embrace, as well as the attitude captured by it.

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Our Campaign

Limerick combines edginess with friendliness. “Percentages” is a creative way to quantify these ingredients and make our case for Limerick. We reveal what percentage of any Limerick scenario shows “edge” versus how much of Limerick’s welcoming side, its “embrace”, is simultaneously on display.

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Limerick Milk Market

Add your voice to the campaign!

By building a bank of content that brings the Limerick brand to life we will help people understand what makes this county and everything it has to offer so special. Your help will be invaluable in both adding to this content and expanding its reach using your own networks.

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Celia Holman Lee

Brand Toolkit

It's only by working together that we will realise Limerick's potential. We are asking Limerick businesses, individuals and organisations to come together as a connected community, support one another and embrace our new Limerick brand.

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