Lead Pipe Replacement Grant Scheme

In order to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water, a grant scheme to assist low income owner occupied households with the cost of replacing lead pipes and fittings is now available.

The principal features of the grant scheme are as follows:

  • Households with income of up to €50,000 per annum will be eligible to apply for a grant of 80% of approved costs, with a maximum grant payable of €4,000. Households with incomes between €50,001 and €75,000 will be eligible for a grant of 50% of approved costs with a maximum grant of €2,500.
  • A grant will only be paid after the works have been carried out and on production of a receipt.
  • Contractors engaged by householders must provide a copy of a current Tax Clearance Certificate and certify that the works carried out and the materials and fittings used are of appropriate quality and standard.

In advance of applying for a grant, the home owner must:

  • Be in receipt of a notification from a water supplier advising that there is likely to be lead plumbing (pipes and fittings) within the curtilage of the premises or
  • Hold a certificate issued within the six months immediately prior to the date of application by a laboratory with accreditation for testing for lead in drinking water, showing a parametric value for lead in the water supply at the premises which exceeds the statutory limit, currently 10μg/l (10 micrograms per litre). The issuing laboratory must be accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB).


Applications can be submitted to: 
Water Services Department
Limerick City and County Council
Co. Limerick

This service is provided by

Water Services

Phone +353 61 556000