Limerick.ie is the official guide to Limerick, Ireland - an all inclusive on-line voice for Limerick with comprehensive information on visiting, doing business and living in the capital of the Mid-West.

    Our mission is to:

    • To always present Limerick in a positive light.
    • To be number 1 when searching the internet for information on Limerick.
    • To publish relevant and up-to-date content by working with partners in the region.
    • To showcase Limerick’s unique selling points.
    • To provide information on visiting, investing, learning, living and events in Limerick.

    The principles for developing Limerick.ie are:

    • Limerick City and County Council to be the all time owner of the website;
    • Project a positive image of Limerick as a regional capital to a global audience;
    • Have coherent, co-ordinated and impartial content;
    • Highlight Limerick’s competitive environment and its unique selling points in stylised manner;
    • Must be developed with the impartial, committed partnership of key stakeholders;
    • Have multi-language capability;

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