Differential Rent Scheme as Adopted by Council in 2020

The new Rent Scheme contains a single method of calculation for the entire city and county, where previously there were two methods which did not compare like-for-like. The rent scheme, designed in conjunction with our elected representatives, provides for a consistent calculation method across all households, protects lower income families and will also support a 4-year Planned Maintenance Programme for social housing stock in each Municipal District to commence in Q1 2020.

The new Limerick City and County Council Differential Rent Scheme 2020 will apply from 3rd February 2020 for Existing and New Differential and Fixed Rent Tenants, RAS and Leased Accommodation Tenants, and from 17th February 2020 for HAP Tenants. Information about the new scheme is available here or in the supporting documents at the end of this page.

FAQs, depending on your tenancy type (Council, leased, RAS and HAP), are available in the supporting documents at the end of this page.

Click here for a comparison of the previous rent scheme calculation and the new rent scheme calculation for a sample of household types.

If you require any further information and assistance on the new Rent Scheme, please contact one of the phone-lines below depending on the type of tenancy:

  • For Council tenancies and leased tenancies phone 061 557021
  • For RAS tenancies phone 061 556000
  • For HAP tenancies phone 061 556000
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