About We're Breastfeeding Friendly Limerick

We’re Breastfeeding Friendly aims to help improve the health and wellbeing of breastfeeding mothers, babies and their families through the development and promotion of breastfeeding friendly businesses, organisations and communities.

Pictured at the launch of 'We're Breastfeeding Friendly' were, Karen O'Donnell and 12 week old Ryan O'Donnell. Picture: Alan Place

Generally, mothers who breastfeed their babies out and about do so with ease. Some mothers say they feel a little self-conscious breastfeeding out and about the first time, particularly when latching baby on. More often than not, a mother will breastfeed her baby and other people around her will not take notice.

A key part of successful breastfeeding is feeding baby when baby wants to be fed ('feeding on demand'). Research tells us the two things that make mothers feel comfortable when breastfeeding out and about are:

  • A welcoming, helpful attitude from staff
  • Other patrons knowing and accepting that babies may be breastfed there

By signing up to We’re Breastfeeding Friendly, private, community and statutory organisations across Limerick can show they welcome and support breastfeeding mothers and families by some easy and no-cost actions.

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