The Benefits of We're Breastfeeding Friendly

We're Breastfeeding Friendly is good for your business, community and organisation, as well as being good for Baby and Mother.

The Benefits - We're Breastfeeding Friendly Limerick

Breastfeeding - Good for your business, community and organisation

  • Families go to public places that are welcoming and supportive of families and breastfeeding mothers
  • Welcoming and supporting breastfeeding mothers and families is easy and no-cost to implement 
  • Your business, group or organisation gets recognition through ongoing promotion through various media
  • Your customers and patrons will see your business, group or organisation as one that is interested in their health and welfare
  • Breastfeeding is environmentally friendly and is a natural use of resources, with no waste to dispose of

Breastfeeding - Good for Baby and Mother

The HSE says “every breastfeed makes a difference”.

The longer a mother breastfeeds for, the greater the health benefits are for both the mother and baby.

More and more mothers in Ireland are breastfeeding their babies. While breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed baby, it is a skill that mother and baby develop over the first days and weeks. With the right help, support and information most mothers can start breastfeeding and continue for as long as they want to.