Limerick Clothing Factory Project

Limerick Archives' publication,  A Stitch in Time, a History of Limerick Clothing Factory, (produced in association with the Housing Directorate, and written by Sharon Slater) weaves together the t

Ranks Exhibition


Ranks Flour Mill was a key part of Limerick’s milling industry for decades.

City of churches

City of Churches

Limerick has a skyline of spires. The city has more places of worship on its main street than any other city or town in Ireland.

Mount Saint Lawrence

Mount Saint Lawrence

Mount Saint Lawrence is Limerick’s largest place of burial. It is the final resting place of both Limerick’s most important figures and its poorest citizens.

Janesboro 1970

From Limerick With Love

This City of Culture project produced a major photographic exhibition and web-archive of Limerick in the 1970’s.

Nespoon's Lace installation near St. Mary's Cathedral

Limerick Lace

Limerick’s lace-making industry was one of the city’s most famous exports.

Stand Up and Fight

Decade of Centenaries Projects

To commemorate and celebrate Limerick’s major role in the eventful period of 1914-1922, Limerick Museum and Limerick Archives produced a number of projects that highlight Limerick men and women who

St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital was founded as the Limerick District Lunatic Asylum in 1827 and records of the institution survive in the archive from that date.

Fisheries Archive

Shannon Fisheries Archive

The Shannon Fisheries Archive is an oral history project that details the life experiences of the people and their families who worked along the River Shannon.


JFK Project

Limerick Archives has a large collection of photos and records in relation to the visit of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the Summer of 1963.