Limerick Lace

Limerick’s lace-making industry was one of the city’s most famous exports. The history of Limerick lace is important to us as it represents an international brand, but also because many families treated pieces of Limerick lace as family treasures

Amazing Lace Exhibition
Amazing Lace exhibition

Limerick Archives has produced a publication on Limerick Lace, called Amazing Lace, and with a number of partners have run many projects that celebrate and research the beauty and importance of Limerick Lace, and its impact on the society of Limerick

Amazing Lace 2
Amazing Lace launch

In this section of the website, you can see our previous projects, such as Bring Out Your Lace, Hybrid,

and the many collaborative projects that we have run in the past.

Amazing Lace (2014) by Dr. Matthew Potter and edited by Jacqui Hayes produced a definitive history

of Limerick lace from its origins in 1829 to its demise in the early twentieth century.

Vere O'Brien prize
Winning entry of the Florence Vere O'Brien exhibition

The Florence Vere O’ Brien exhibition in 2016 was a partnership with LSAD based on a competition for the best lace design open to all students of the college. The competition inspired some novel ideas for lace while celebrating the importance that design has always played in the high standards associated with Limerick Lace

Nespoon and her artwork at Merchant's Quay
Polish artist Nespoon and her artwork at Merchant's Quay
Hybrid Launch
Launch of Hybrid

HYBRID(October-November 2016) was a multi-format exhibition and conference that showcased the cultural and historical importance of lace. Speakers from all over the world came to Limerick to present their papers on lace and the textile industry, as Limerick opened its doors to a new perspective on lace. Exhibitions in Limerick School of Art and Design and around the city were also given an international feel as Polish artist Nespoon designed a stunning street installation based on lace which went on display in the public plaza area of Merchants Quay .