Ranks Flour Mill was a key part of Limerick’s milling industry for decades. While there were a number of mills in Limerick, such as Bannatynes and others, Ranks was one of the most fondly-remembered businesses in Limerick.

Ranks Exhibition
Ranks Exhibition, 2012

"Ranks Mills: The Industrial Heart of Limerick City" was published in 2012 and was written by Dr Edward Whelan and edited by Jacqui Hayes. The book tells the stories, memories and contributions of former Ranks workers and their families and how a world-class milling operation on the Dock Road became synonymous with Limerick.

"Ranks: A Limerick Industry", exhibition in partnership with the Hunt Museum went on display in March 2012 and again in September 2015. This exhibition celebrated and explored the role of Ranks in Limerick’s history through stories from the local community and former workers . This temporary exhibition was a hugely popular collaboration between the Hunt Museum and Limerick Archives which reflected the affection still held in Limerick for Ranks.

Ranks Exhibition image 2
Ranks Exhibition