• Learning in Limerick

    Learning in Limerick

Limerick warmly embraces the best and brightest minds from across the world to study in our city; widely regarded as one of the most livable in Ireland. Our educational institutions offer cutting-edge courses to suit every curiosity with industry-relevant qualifications and excellence in academia, making sure you get the best start on your future career path.

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Great Limerick Run
Learning in Limerick

Living in Limerick

Enjoy friendships that will last a lifetime, a vibrant culture and experiences that will always stay with you. Student life in Limerick extends way beyond the lecture hall, with a huge range of activities and adventures just waiting to be discovered off campus.

Learning Options
Learning in Limerick

Learning Options

Limerick is an important centre of learning, with no fewer than 10 higher institutes, including the University of Limerick, Mary Immaculate College and TUS Limerick City. 

Limerick Student City International Experience
Learning in Limerick

International Student Experience

Limerick not only offers academic excellence but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the excitement of city life while enjoying the perfect home away from home.


Limerick Student City Prospectus

Our comprehensive guide captures the essence of Limerick as a vibrant, future-focused city, offering prospective students a unique and enriching college experience.

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Farouk Alao from Limerick School of Art and Design. Photo: Sean Curtin