Analog Devices

  • Vincent Roche CEO, Analog Devices -  - ADI Catalyst

Founded in 1965 Analog Devices Inc. are world leaders in high performance signal processing and are synonymous with high performance and innovation among electronics manufacturers. Their diverse product portfolio covers Entertainment and Media, Industry and Aerospace, Medical Technology, Wireless and Automobiles Applications.

Analog Devices Inc. carries out the following operations in Ireland:

  • Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Treasury

The company established in Ireland in 1977 with the support of IDA and has grown to employ 1,200 people at its original and main Irish hub in Limerick and over 40 people at its design facility in Cork.

The focus of Analog’s Irish operation is to produce quality precision products through precision manufacturing while exploiting cost-efficiencies.

Analog Limerick has a great deal of local autonomy in product development. Access to R&D and highly skilled manufacturing and technological experts allows the Irish operation to develop and bring to market an average of 80 new products each year. Innovation is fostered through teamwork, both within the Irish operation and through cross-national research teams throughout Analog Devices globally.

In 2011, Analog announced a 50 million euro R&D investment at its Limerick facility that will create up to 100 highly skilled jobs. The investment programme focuses on the expansion of ADI’s robust R&D capabilities in Limerick.

This announcement builds on the €23 million investment in Ireland made by ADI in June 2010 as part of a manufacturing expansion programme. Through this investment, ADI will create highly skilled research, engineering, and development roles within the product, design, test, marketing and applications fields. The new jobs expected as part of this investment will cross the spectrum of these roles, serving the global markets of automotive, healthcare, industrial automation and communications.

With regard to doing business in Limerick, Denis Doyle - Analog Devices Vice President Ireland Manufacturing Operations says "What retains Analog’s presence in Limerick hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. The availability of diverse, innovative and talented people who demonstrate the adaptability, resilience and flexibility required to meet the demands of what is one of the world’s most complex, dynamic and fastest changing industries. Allied to this is an advanced telecommunications infrastructure and vital to the global business enterprise that now exists is direct connectivity to US from Shannon.

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