Limerick is one of Ireland’s most affordable destinations to live and work in, with the median house price in Limerick 26% lower than the national level in June 2020.

Pery Square, Limerick

Limerick was named the 4th most affordable place to buy a home in an in an International Housing Affordability Survey of 297 cities across nine countries carried out by Demographia.  

Median house prices in Limerick €44,557 lower than national level

As ‘THE’ rising star of Irish urban economies, Limerick benefits from very competitive house prices, with the median house cost in Q2 2020 at €181,540 compared to €226,097 nationally.

Limerick is the only Irish city, apart from Dublin, where disposable incomes are greater than the national average. This means that first time buyers in Limerick are in a relatively stronger position to borrow to buy a house or apartment than their equivalents in Dublin.

Average rents in Limerick City and County €184 and €497 respectively, cheaper than the national average

According to Daft.ie, the average national monthly rent was €1,402 in June 2020, while the most recent data for Limerick shows the equivalent average monthly rent as €1,216 for the city and €928 for the county.

Average Rent Q1 2020
Limerick City €1,216
Limerick County €928


Accommodation Average Monthly Rent
1-bed €654
2-bed €735
3-bed €848
4-bed €935
5-bed €1,043

Source: Limerick Economic Monitor

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