Creative and Media

  • ENGINE Shorts - Short Film Scheme

If Limerick weren’t already sufficiently creative, the region has further reinvented itself into a recognised film and TV production hub.

Investors can take advantage of this exciting development, which grew out of Limerick City of Culture 2014. Better still, you can make projects more profitable through a ‘Regional Film Development Uplift’ which offers a premium tax credit up to 35 per cent.

You have plenty of production resources to rely on. Troy Studios, based in Limerick’s National Technology Park, is now Ireland’s largest film studio. It has spawned a burgeoning film industry ecosystem that employs well over 1,000 people at peak activity.

And there’s real quality of talent, not just in film and TV but across creative and media: Limerick’s third-level sector fuels the industry with outstanding flair, not least from TUS’s Limerick School of Art and Design, a top 50 college of its kind in the world.

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