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    Why Limerick?

    Businesses who choose to invest in Limerick succeed.

Business in Limerick

International market access Limerick is a highly connected destination in Europe that, uniquely, is as close to the Americas as it is to 26 EU nations.

Young, talented and English-speaking Europe’s most youthful, educated and English-speaking local population, nearly 50% under 35, with tens of thousands of university or college students within its catchment area.

Cost effective, competitive and collaborative Lower outlays, room to expand - quality current and future office space - a high yet affordable quality of life, as well as work/life balance, all backed by resourced stakeholder support across the entire region - and especially true compared to elsewhere in Ireland and Western Europe.

A green city region on the waterfront Limerick is aiming to become a green city region on the Shannon Estuary through engagement, innovation, resilient urban development and self sustaining communities. Limerick is developing as an environmentally sustainable and carbon neutral economy, a pioneer in sustainable growth. This will be underpinned by the promotion of active mobility for all, creating an attraction and distinctive place to live, work and visit.

Fellow company The home of some of the world’s most pioneering and/or established international businesses, including Uber, Dell, Northern Trust, Johnson & Johnson, Analog, General Motors, Regeneron and Viagogo. In 2018, Limerick was also named (a) European City of the Future by the Financial Times.

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Coming to Limerick means you’ll be in good company. In fact, some of the best companies in the world have made Limerick their home. We asked a few why that is.

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