Advanced Manufacturing

  • GMTA Manufacturing Limerick

Manufacturing accounts for a hefty proportion of Ireland’s GDP. With our high-tech manufacturing ecosystem, Limerick already keeps Ireland at the forefront of the digital transformation. We’re driving the future too. As part of the nation’s sustainable growth strategy, we have been chosen to host a new 30,000 square foot IDA Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC).

The centre, which will be located among a cluster of global brands at the city’s National Technology Park, will boost global and indigenous companies’ adoption of digital technology in their manufacturing processes.

The centre will support Irish manufacturing, which employs more than 260,000 people in a range of sectors including biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics, engineering and industrial technologies, with 84% of such businesses located outside the capital and many in Limerick.

Limerick’s status as a city region at the edge of innovation is also seen through the development of the world leading SFI research centre in smart manufacturing, , CONFIRM, hosted by the University of Limerick. CONFIRM is community of practice where industry, researchers, and the general public can learn about smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 through eight research competencies in Smart Manufacturing, namely Data analytics, Product & process control, Enterprise modelling & simulation, Software systems, Network systems & IoT, Sensors, Robotics & controls and Materials processing.

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