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  • Analog Devices Limerick

Limerick’s status as a city and county always at the edge of innovation has never been more evident than in the digital revolution.

Among the global brands to land in the first wave of the technology revolution in the region were Wang, Verbatim, Atari and Analog Devices to name but a few, their employment levels all tipping the 1,000 plus mark at peak, with the latter – now ADI – still here and investing heavily in Limerick.

The ICT ranks in the region have since been swelled with other big global companies in traditional digital/tech verticals such as Intel, Dell and Molex.

The rich ecosystem has also transitioned the region into a tech R&D hub with the likes of Legato working with AI to develop preventative interventions in human health and Jaguar Land Rover advancing future autonomous and electrification technologies.

All of this has been underscored by the availability of skills across the region where 1million people live within 90minutes drive and 100,000 third level students in the same proximity – 24,000 of them attending Limerick third level institutions alone and one-third of them studying STEM subjects.

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