Smart Limerick

  • Computer Science, University of Limerick. Photo: Sean Curtin

Limerick’s embrace of digital transformation is flourishing through the Smart Cities programme – a ‘people first’ programme that identifies the needs of the public and seeks to respond to them with digital solutions.

The Smart Cities programme is a project of the European Commission and is underpinned by the Limerick Digital Strategy – the first such strategy developed by an Irish city, with Limerick also the first to undertake the Smart City initiative.  

Smart Cities’ focus is very much on the use of digital technologies for better resource use and less emissions. It means smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water supply and waste disposal facilities and more efficient ways to light and heat buildings. It also means a more interactive and responsive city administration, safer public spaces and meeting the needs of an ageing population.

Limerick is one of eight Irish ‘Smart Cities’ in an ‘All-Ireland’ programme. The Smart Limerick programme operates across six pillars:

  • Economy & Innovation
  • Community & Citizenship
  • Culture & Entertainment
  • Movement & Transport
  • Urban Places & Spaces
  • Environmental Practices
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