Limerick Chamber reaction to News on Foynes to Limerick Road Progress and Adare Bypass

  • Dee Ryan, CEO Limerick Chamber (Pic True Media)

Limerick Chamber, the largest business representative body in the Mid-West, has called for the immediate start to the capital works for the N69 Limerick to Foynes Road including the Adare Bypass.

The works were approved by An Bord Pleanála in August of 2022 and had been stalled due to judicial review proceedings. These judicial reviews have since been withdrawn and Limerick Chamber is now calling for the immediate start to works given the strategic nature of Foynes Port and also the Ryder Cup in 2027 to be held in Adare.

Miriam O’Connor, President of Limerick Chamber, said:

“The Limerick to Foynes Road represents a pivotal moment for businesses in our region. This infrastructure development holds immense importance as it addresses crucial transportation challenges and unlocks a multitude of opportunities for the region. The road acts as a lifeline for businesses, facilitating smooth and efficient movement of goods, services, and employees. When completed, the N69 project will provide a safer link for Shannon Foynes Port to the national road network and given the significant potential for offshore renewable energy along the West coast and into the Shannon Estuary it will provide the region with a competitive edge. The Chamber would now like to see works begin on the project so the region can continue to attract investment, encourage job creation, and foster a vibrant business ecosystem.”

Dee Ryan, CEO of Limerick Chamber, said:

“The Limerick to Foynes Road holds immense significance for the upcoming Ryder Cup in Adare in 2027. As a prestigious international sporting event, the Ryder Cup attracts a large influx of participants, spectators, and media from around the world and will give the region a chance to shine on the world stage. The construction of the bypass and wider N69 road serves as a vital link connecting key parts of the region. The road's improved accessibility and enhanced infrastructure will ensure smooth and efficient transportation for players, officials, and visitors alike. It will significantly reduce travel times, alleviate congestion, and enhance the overall event experience. The seamless connectivity offered by the Limerick to Foynes Road will not only make it easier for participants to access the tournament venue but also facilitate the exploration of the surrounding region, including its hotels, restaurants, and attractions which will be key for local business. Limerick Chamber would now like to see works begin on the project as a matter of urgency and we look forward to keeping businesses updated on the progress through Limerick Chamber’s Strategic Development Pipeline”.

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