Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department of Limerick City and County Council was established in 2016. Comprising a team of marketing and communications professionals, skilled in all aspects of public and media relations, campaign management and strategy, and content creation and branding; we take great satisfaction in delivering the best quality service to all the Council’s stakeholders, and ensuring that Limerick City and County Council’s reputation and profile is consistent, while addressing the Council’s key strategic aims.


The work of this department represents an integrated, consistent approach across the Council’s marketing and communications activities, and is responsible for:  

  • Limerick City and County Council’s relations with the media
  • Co-ordinating media events
  • Developing, managing and implementing Limerick City and County Council’s communications strategy
  • Providing support to staff in relation to internal and external communications
  • Event management
  • web content creation and management
  • Management of and Limerick City and County Council corporate social media
  • Council produced publications
  • Campaign specific marketing collateral

The Department works to:

  • Engage audiences and enhance the profile of Limerick, nationally and internationally
  • Market and promote the city and county to a range of target market segments, including residents, visitors, investors and students
  • Showcase and profile the projects and initiatives of Limerick City and County Council

This is achieved through a series of year-round, multi-platform campaigns and events including:

  • Limerick St. Patrick’s Festival
  • Limerick International Band Championship
  • Riverfest
  • Student marketing campaign to encourage students, firstly to get them to choose Limerick for their study and then to profile Limerick’s many attractions in the city and county
  • October Bank Holiday weekend campaign
  • Christmas in Limerick
  • Specific publications such as the Limerick Economic Monitor, the Limerick Festivals Guide and the Limerick – Run/Walk guide

The development, implementation and guardianship of the Limerick brand, Atlantic Edge, European Embrace to further enhance the city and county to each of its target sectors is a core component of the Department’s work.

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Raising public awareness of the role and contribution of Limerick City and County Council as a community leader and provider of essential services, the Communications function of Limerick City and County Council manages all internal and external communications: including media relations; public relations; social media; corporate branding and crisis communications, including Major Emergency Management for Limerick City and County Council.

The Department is responsible for the preparation and oversight of the Council’s Corporate Communications Strategy and Social Media Strategy; and monitors, evaluates and makes recommendations as to the effectiveness of the Council’s communications.

Other key areas of focus for the Department are the promotion of the Council’s achievements to national and international media, management of the Council’s reputation in media engagement, maintenance of the corporate image library and the production of excellent video and digital media content.

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The Marketing function of Limerick City and County Council is responsible for developing the Limerick brand, enhancing the profile of Limerick and marketing and promoting the city and county across a range of sectors; namely, tourism, living and relocation, investment and education. 

We do this by creating compelling, year round campaigns and initiatives that engage our key stakeholders across multiple communications channels –, social media, media, publications, events etc. 

The Department generates captivating copy, videography, photography and collateral and profiles Limerick, with sector specific content in national and international publications, in the delivery of effective promotional campaigns. 

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Limerick Branding and Identity

Limerick is transforming. The city and county have benefited from new, and in many respects, unprecedented growth and investment over the past number of years. There’s momentum and energy in the air. You just have to live here or visit to feel it!  

Limerick has an amazing story to tell, with qualities that are multi layered and ever-surprising. To reflect this, the Marketing and Communications Department have created a new place brand for Limerick city and county, harnessing Limerick’s ambition, and supporting it in its development as a vibrant economic location and visitor destination. The brand highlights and promotes the reality of Limerick; as a confident, forward-looking and visionary place and a contemporary international location to live, work, invest, study and visit.

The Marketing and Communications Department manages all aspects of the Limerick brand and its positioning. As guardians of the brand, it is the Department’s responsibility to ensure that it is implemented correctly wherever it appears. 

To ensure quality and consistency in communications using Limerick’s brand identity, a set of brand specifications have been developed and may be viewed here. This page contains downloadable guides for the brand that show how it should and shouldn’t be used with examples (applications), information on colours, size and association (how it should appear alongside other logos). You will also find guidance on writing in the house style, language conventions (how we display capitalization etc.) and tone of voice. 

Click here to download the Limerick brand assets and usage guidelines.

Approval Process

To apply for the use of the Limerick brand, please email outlining: 

  • For what purpose the branding will be used, e.g. advertising, type of publication, platform etc
  • The person responsible for ensuring the brand identity is used correctly etc.

All marketing/ promotional materials which utilise the Limerick brand must be sent to the Marketing and Communications Department for approval prior to publication. If you have any queries on the guidelines/ application documents or should your design house or printer have any questions, please contact

The Limerick brand must not be used for the promotion of the work of any company or organisation without seeking the permission of the Head of Marketing and Communications or the Marketing Officer.

Misuse of the Limerick Brand

For the purposes of protecting the Limerick Brand, the Marketing and Communications Department reserve the right to direct individuals to remove the logo from any materials containing any content in breach of copyright legislation, content deemed inappropriate or offensive or not in keeping with the Limerick Brand Guidelines.

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Digital and Social is the award winning, official guide to Limerick. The unique, integrated digital platform is an inclusive online voice for Limerick, offering comprehensive information on visiting, doing business and living in Limerick.

The fully mobile site features more than 2,000 attractions, services, community groups and businesses, with more than 2,000 events published on the site every year. As the number one voice for Limerick, also offers seamless online access to a wide range of Council services to over one million users per year. 

As well as the continuous delivery and management of content and services provided on, the site’s associated social media platforms and Limerick City and County Council’s social media platforms are reviewed, monitored, scheduled and updated by the Marketing and Communications Department. 

Regular Business Bulletins, weekly What’s On guides and internal staff e-zines are prepared and issued by the team. Key national and international influencers are engaged in the creation of compelling content about their Limerick experiences driving conversation and engagement about the city and county.   

The focus for the Marketing and Communications team is on the creation of an exceptional digital user experience platform for all users on all devices and especially mobile devices; with a focus on the delivery of integrated, co-ordinated and always updated content.

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Limerick City and County Council Branded Materials and Logos

For all queries relating to the use of the Limerick City and County Council logos, please contact

All materials and publications (print or digital) must follow Limerick City and County Council’s brand specifications and must be submitted to the Marketing and Communications Department for brand approval before production. Please contact for approval prior to publication.  

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Video and Imagery

Managed by our Marketing and Communications Department, our Flickr account has a range of images available for use. This image and video library is frequently updated. Click here to browse our Flickr account.

Image Requests

Please consult our Flickr site and send your image requests, noting the intended use of the image to

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Policies, Procedures and Strategies

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The Marketing and Communications Department produces a number of campaign specific publications each year.

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