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    Brand Toolkit

Companies, agencies, institutions and individuals across Limerick work hard to get national and international attention. Whatever your sector and objective, this Toolkit will help you put Limerick on the global map. Our Brand Limerick Toolkit is versatile, easy to use and best of all – it is absolutely free!

Why Limerick?

Well actually, we have lots going for us, but it doesn’t matter much if nobody knows! We need you to help communicate our Limerick message in a clear, consistent and compelling way. Our Brand is our shared vision to promote Limerick as a destination for inward investment, industry, tourism, education and as a really great place for people to live and work in.  

Our brand can be used to strengthen, support and complement your own message. It is the single, overarching, unified brand, which can help build a strong, positive image of Limerick city and county, creating a consistent narrative and message.

If our brand is used consistently, it will be become synonymous with Limerick.

Our Brand Guidelines give a detailed description of Our Brand. The distinctiveness of Limerick’s voice. The anatomy of our logo. Our typography and colour palette.

Get familiar with it. The better you know it, the easier it is to use.

So, you want to use the brand?

We want everyone to use and embrace the brand mark and wider creative whenever possible. Our brand is your brand. The more we use it the better.

We envisage the use of the Limerick brand mark as being a complementary logo within your existing communications and your use of the brand should be in accordance with the Brand Guidelines. Your use of the brand should not manipulate, modify or hybridise the master lock up in any way. Similarly, you should not deviate from the brand’s design features in any way, without express permission to do so from Limerick City and County Council.

The brand was designed to be used only in situations of positivity and opportunity for Limerick. The Brand Limerick mark is a registered trademark of Limerick City and County Council. Any defamatory or detrimental use of the brand will be deemed as a serious breach of copyright.

Our Practical Ways to Make the most of Brand Limerick handbook shows practical examples of how best to put the brand to use in your own communications. This should be used in tandem with our Brand Guidelines to determine how the brand can work for you.

We are very happy to provide the best guidance and ideas for your use of the brand so please contact with any queries you may have.

Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines

The Limerick brand is there to unite and amplify all the amazing things that happen in our county and help those stories to spread further and with more power. To do this we need to make sure our brand is strong and consistency is key to that. That is the role of these guidelines. To maintain the distinctiveness of Limerick’s voice, look and feel whilst giving you the power to help build the brand with the richness of your own stories.

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Limerick - Atlantic Edge, European Embrace

Our Logo

The Limerick brandmark is a bold and confident piece of design which reflects Limerick’s international ambitions and unerring character. Transitioning from deep blue through to bright green, it reflects both the County’s strategic location at the mouth of the River Shannon, flowing to the Atlantic, the iconic verdant landscape of Limerick.

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Limerick Icon

Our Limerick Icon

This is our brand icon. It has been developed from our logotype, and synthesizes it in a simple graphic shape. It has a flexible nature as visualized in the icon variation section. This allows it to be used as a device that fits into different formats and layouts, as well as creating framing devices for imagery and content. Its lines and angles have been used to reinforce our brand identity, assuring that every piece of communication we create references back to the Limerick name and logo.

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Limerick - Saoirse with logo

Practical Ways to Make the most of Brand Limerick Handbook

The Limerick brand is designed to help communicate a wide variety of messages. Because of this, it is possible to use it in a number of ways. To aid its adoption by as many stakeholders and third parties as possible, we outline three suggested approaches to incorporate the brand in on-going and tactical communications.

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Limerick Fireworks

10 Key Facts about Limerick

We have so much to say about Limerick. But in the interests of keeping things concise, here are 10 compelling key facts about Limerick. Keep these in mind and tell them over and over again to help build the brand.

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