Traffic and Parking

  • Parking

    Limerick City and County Council operates a dual on-street parking payment system that incorporates disposable parking discs and a state of the art e-parking payment system.
  • Parking Fines & Appeals

    Parking fines and appeals are managed by the Traffic Management Section of Limerick City and County Council. You can pay your fine online, by post, over the phone or in person.
  • Residential Parking Permits

    Residential Parking Permits are available where disc parking is located outside your place of residence.
  • Think Before You Park

    Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Siochana jointly present "Think Before You Park," an essential campaign urging motorists to consider the broader implications of their parking choices.
  • Traffic Calming Policy

    Policy for processing of traffic calming requests.
  • Traffic Support for Events

    Limerick City and County Council provides traffic support for events throughout Limerick city and county.
  • Traffic Surveys

    For the purposes of understanding how pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles move about Limerick city, Limerick City & County Council are using cameras for counting pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.