Think Before You Park

Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Siochana jointly present "Think Before You Park," an essential campaign urging motorists to consider the broader implications of their parking choices.

The initiative sheds light on the obstructions and hazards caused by improper parking in Limerick city and county, emphasising the impact on fellow road and footpath users. 

The aim is to inspire motorists to reflect on the repercussions of obstructive parking. Whether it's impeding footpaths, bus corridors, cycle lanes, or access points, badly parked vehicles can poses challenges for various road users including people with disabilities, cyclists, parents pushing buggies and other pedestrians. Bad parking affects the flow of our public transport services and causes traffic congestion.  

Did You Know? 

  • There are over 9,000 designated car parking spaces in Limerick City, over 4,000 on-street and over 5,000 in privately operated car parks. 

  • You can avail of on-street parking in Limerick City for as little as 25c for 15 minutes using the Limerick e-Parking App. Full details on

  • In Limerick, Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Siochana both have power under legislation to issue Fixed Charge Notices for parking offences.  

  • Parking illegally in a disabled parking bay incurs a fine of €150. See a full list of parking fines here

  • Parking fines increase by 50% if not paid within 28 days. Non-payment can result in a court appearance and an even larger fine. 

  • Footpaths in Limerick are regularly damaged by parked vehicles resulting in potential trip hazards and requiring costly repairs. 

Gardai issue ticketless fines  

In 2023, Limerick Gardai and Limerick City and County Council issued in excess of 18,000 fixed charge penalty notices for parking offences across the city and county. Contrary to public perception, Gardai issue fines without placing physical tickets on vehicles. This can lead the public to mistakenly believe that no action is being taken against offending vehicles. Fixed charge penalty notices are sent by post. 

‘Think Before You Park’ Information Stickers

As part of the Think Before You Park campaign, for a limited period, members of the Garda Roads Policing unit in Limerick will be placing information stickers on vehicles that have been issued with fixed charge notices for parking offences. These stickers advise the vehicle owner “This vehicle is parked illegally causing an obstruction to others and is now subject to the relevant traffic fine.” A QR Code on the sticker directs the motorist to the Think Before You Park campaign webpage on where they can find out more about the impact of bad parking.

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