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The Public Participation Network (PPN) is the main link through which the local authority connects with the community, voluntary and environmental sectors.

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What is the PPN?

Limerick Public Participation Network (PPN) is an independent network of community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations, working together for a better Limerick.

Limerick Public Participation Network enables the community to be represented in decision-making processes such as Limerick City and County Council committees and local public consultation processes.

Limerick Public Participation Network is managed by the PPN membership through its Secretariat, while being hosted by Limerick City and County Council.

Putting People First; an action programme for effective local government (October 2012) sets out a vision for Local Government in Ireland.

Local government will be the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level - leading economic, social and community development, delivering efficient and good value services, and representing citizens and local communities effectively and accountably.”

Section 46 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 enables local authorities to take all appropriate steps to consult with and promote effective participation of local communities in local government. Citizens and communities will be encouraged and supported to participate in the decision-making processes of the local authority.

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Structure of the PPN

 Limerick PPN has a 'flat' structure (i.e. all members have an equal voice) and is composed as follows:


The PPN membership is called the Plenary. The Plenary is the overall decision-making body of the PPN. All members have an equal say on the business of Limerick PPN. The Plenary usually meets twice a year.


The Secretariat is a group of people elected by the Plenary who manage the PPN on behalf of the PPN membership. The Secretariat is helped by a Resource Worker and Support Worker who are answerable to the Secretariat.

PPN Thematic Groups

Thematic Groups are working groups that bring together all PPN member groups/organisations that have either a remit or an interest in a particular issue, regardless of which Municipal District, sector or Pillar the member belongs to.

They are established in order to create more effective platforms for debate and discussion among PPN members and facilitate organisations to voice a wide range of views and interests that can feed back into the local government system. They may also set policy priorities, provide input into consultations and so forth, on behalf of the PPN. Limerick PPN currently has an elected representative sitting on the Limerick Mayor Implementation Advisory Group.

Linkage Groups are thematic sub-groups of the PPN that correspond directly to external committees that require representation from the community, voluntary, social inclusion and environment/ conservation sectors of the community. A linkage group lasts for the lifetime of the committee it is aligned to. Click here for more details about Limerick PPN Linkage Group.

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