Audit of community, cultural and arts facilities in Limerick City and County

In 2020, Limerick City and County Council in cooperation with the Local Development Companies in Limerick, undertook an audit of community facilities and cultural and arts facilities in the local authority area.

The study examined the distribution of these facilities across the territory, the quality of stock of buildings used for these purposes, activities hosted in them, groups and communities served by them and operations and management aspects. The study findings provide an up-to-date picture on the provision of such facilities.

The purpose of the audit is to develop an evidence base to inform LCCC’s strategy on provision of community facilities, going forward.

Objectives are as follows:

  • To identify geographic gaps in provision where investment in new facilities may be needed
  • In relation to existing facilities, to identity where investment is needed in physical. improvement works and in other areas so that the facilities can continue to serve the needs of local communities.
  • To identify any challenges that need to be addressed and examples of good practice in the management and sustainable operation of community facilities by local community groups.
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