Road Maintenance in Winter

The treatment system which is concentrated primarily on the National Road Network and strategic Regional Roads (Priority 1) is primarily based on the Road DSS system ice prediction software put in place by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and which involves daily monitoring by the Limerick City and County Council Roads Engineers throughout the season from mid-October to end of April each year.

This system is supported by and operated in conjunction with the Irish National Meteorological Service, Met Eireann. View the map of the treatment regime for the county and city below.

With approximately 4,000kms of roadway in County Limerick, it would be unrealistic to expect that every road and pedestrian area in the county can be treated. Therefore priority has to be given to National Route system and strategic Regional Routes (Priority 1), which carries the most intensive volumes of commuter traffic. Note: not all regional roads are strategic and therefore not all regional roads are included as priority 1 routes. Every effort is made to ensure that this network is maintained open for traffic at all times. In extreme weather conditions i.e. a continuous spell of sub-zero temperatures, attention is also given to regional and local road networks on the basis of need and the availability of resources.

Limerick City and County Council maintains its treatment fleet at operating capacity at all times throughout the season and intends to have at its disposal adequate supplies of salt throughout the season.

You can download the Limerick City and County Council Winter Maintenance Operations Plan 2023/2024 in the supporting documents at the end of the page.


It is not possible to guarantee that roads, including motorways and national routes, will be entirely clear of ice at all times as ice can occur on roads at any time and any place not predicted in forecasts. All road users must be alert to any variations in the road surface condition.

Weather forecasting is a very inexact science and the prediction of frost or ice is dependent on many variables. Limerick City and County Council will endeavour to treat the major routes throughout the county free of ice at all times but road users cannot assume that all roads are free of ice at any stage and must be themselves responsible for ensuring that they drive or use the road with proper care and attention to their own actions.

A list of Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority (N) routes are shown in the Winter Maintenance Map in the supporting documents below. All other routes and pedestrian areas will be treated on the basis of weather alerts, needs of the area and most especially will depend on the availability of resources to the Council.

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