Parks & Landscape

There are approximately 450 acres of public open space in Limerick City alone, some of this land is actively maintained as public parkland and other areas are being developed, for example, as urban forestry and as wildlife sanctuaries.

Flowers displays in Limerick City

Parks and Open Spaces

Limerick City and County Council maintains a number of public parks throughout the city and county. For a full list of public parks click here.

Charlott's Quay Abbey River

Floral Displays

The Parks Service produces thousands of bedding plants annually for civic decoration. These are planted in our public parks, street containers, hanging baskets and on roundabouts. As part of our City Enhancement Programme, a Bridges in Bloom project commenced in 2003. Hanging baskets have been placed on four of the city's bridges over the summer months each year since:

  • Sarsfield Bridge
  • Thomond Bridge
  • Mathew Bridge
  • Baal's Bridge
Arthurs Quay Park

Tree Planting

Limerick City and County Council have been involved in developing woodlands in the urban environment for many years and have an annual tree planting programme for the city. Trees are planted in parks, cemeteries, along main roads and on roundabouts. Planting is carried out annually between December and March, with pruning also carried out at this time to improve the longevity and safety of the trees.

Pictured at Mungret Park and Playground were Aoife Carroll and Lexie O'Donoghue. Picture: Alan Place

Children's Playgrounds in Public Parks

Public playgriounds have been provided in Clare Street Park, the People's Park and Shelbourne Park. 

Each playground has been designed and certified for use by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

For a full list of playgrounds click here.