Local Improvement Scheme (LIS)

A  Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) involves improvement works on private/non-public roads. Limerick City and County Council may provide assistance by way of carrying out works on roads which are eligible for Local Improvement Schemes.


Eligible road projects are those that involve the construction or improvement of non- public roads which provide access:

  • to parcels of land, of which, two or more are owned or occupied by different persons, one of which must be engaged in separate agricultural activities; or
  • for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons; or
  • to at least one parcel of land owned or occupied by a person engaged in agricultural activities AND which separately provides access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for at least one other person.
  • Works can also be carried out on Amenity Roads. Amenity Roads are non- public roads leading to important community amenities such as graveyards, beaches, piers, mountain access points or other tourist/heritage sites.

A local contribution of 10% or 15% of the cost of the project (including VAT) is payable by the applicant, i.e. 10% up to and including 5 residences and 15% for 6 or more residences (capped at €1,200 per household).

How to apply?

Download and complete the Application Form below and return to the following address.

Central Services
Limerick City and County Council
V94 WV78

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