Dangerous Trees & Hedges on Public Roads

Under the terms of the Roads Act 1993, landowners & occupiers of land are obliged to take all reasonable care to ensure that the trees, ditches, hedges and other vegetation growing on their land are not or could not become a danger to people using or working on a public road.

As landowner/occupier you are required to fell, cut, log, trim or remove such trees, ditches and hedges to prevent them from becoming a hazard to persons or property in the area.

Examples of hazards include dead or dying trees, ditches or hedges interfering with traffic, blocking footpaths, obscuring road signs or obscuring a clear view of the road ahead.

If you want to advise Limerick City and County Council of a structure, tree or hedge adjoining a public road which is considered to be dangerous, please contact Customer Services Department on 061 556000.

Section 46 of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 prohibits the cutting, grubbing, burning or otherwise destruction of any vegetation on uncultivated land between 1st March and 31st August in any year, except for reasons of public health and safety.