Public Lighting

The maintenance of public lighting is carried out under contract by Airtricity.

    Should you wish to report a public light out of order in your area please contact Airtricity, either via their Public Lights Call Centre on 1800 372772 / 1850 372772, or the Airtricity website.

    To log your call for repair, the following information will be required:

    • Contact name and phone number
    • The light number (two digit number on the pole)
    • Location

    Airtricity use the Deadsure website to track and log faults for Public Lighting. Reports and repairs are updated live by the relevant contractors. Faults can be logged directly online and tracked to see updates on status of repairs and also lights can be checked to see if fault has already been logged on system.

    This service is provided by

    Roads,Traffic and Cleansing

    Phone +353 61 556000