Farouk Alao

Limerick School of Art and Design student who worked with the team in the creation of Limerick’s brand identity.

“When you’re in Limerick everything slows down a little bit and being in a small place encourages you to take tour time and focus and get into every single detail in anything you're working on.

Being in LSAD has allowed me to expand beyond graphic design, as a creative between screen-printing and print-making and graphic design. They are my favourite mediums I guess.

I don't really let myself get restricted. I just take it and just pull it apart and just look at it inside out, upside down and think about it in the most ridiculous way initially, and then taper work backwards until I get down to the core of where I need to be with whatever the project is.

I wouldn't have learned all those things without trial and error. That’s one of the biggest things that Limerick has taught me is to try and fail, and realising that you need to take risks in order to create something amazing.

Family as well and wanting to create a better life for my family, because my family moved over here from Nigeria, and obviously they moved over here to seek a better future. I want to be able to create that better future for my family in the long run, and then my own family in the future as well.

Limerick is going to be an amazing place to live in I think within the next... Its already an amazing place to live now, but its going to develop into something crazy. Everything that I’ve seen, the creative scene here is embracing and fruitful and allows you to be creative and create whatever you want.”

Farouk Alao

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