Sister Cities and Twinnings Management

There are a number of different twinning arrangements between Limerick City and County Council fostering a spirit of cooperation between various countries, cities, community groups and schools.

Limerick City and County Council endeavours to support and encourage these partnerships in a number of ways including hosting delegations from the various organisations when they are visiting Limerick city and county.

Hohenlohekreis, Germany

The Councils of Limerick County and Hohenlohekreis have had a twinning partnership since 1990. A small delegation from Hohenlohe visited Limerick City and County Council in early April 2014 and it is anticipated that a small delegation from Limerick City and County Council will visit Hohenlohe early in the Summer of 2015. During their April 2014 trip the delegation from Hohenlohe visited a number of Limerick sights including the Adare Village, Foynes Flying Boat Museum and King John's Castle.

Santa Clara, California, USA

Limerick has developed links with Santa Clara over the past number of years. This connection was initiated by a number of Limerick people living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, notably John Hartnett. A friendship agreement was signed between the two cities and a school exchange programme was commenced. Two schools from Limerick, Salesians Secondary School and St. Clement's College, both visited Santa Clara and in turn hosted the Wilcox High School and the Santa Clara High School here in Limerick. The Wilcox High School participated in the Limerick St. Patrick's Day and International Band Parades. In July 2014 a Sister Cities Agreement was signed between Limerick City and County Council and Santa Clara City Council in San Jose. 

New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Limerick County Council and New Brunswick signed a sister cities/twinning agreement in April 1999. A delegation from New Brunswick, New Jersey visited Limerick City and County Council in mid-November 2014 and a return visit by the Mayor is in the early stages of planning. During their November 2014 trip the delegation from New Brunswick visited a number of Limerick sights including Lough Gur, Adare Village and King John's Castle.

Birmingham, England

There has been an exchange of visits between Limerick and Birmingham since the early 1990s. In 2013 representatives from South and City College Birmingham travelled to Limerick to meet with representatives from Limerick College of Further Education. There was a formal reception on 15th May 2013.

Limerick Exiles Association, London, England

The Limerick Exiles Association held an official launch on 21st October 2011 which was attended by the Cathaoirleach and Mr. Eugene Griffin from Limerick City and County Council. There have been frequent visits made by representatives of Limerick to London for various events being celebrated by the Association over the past number of years.

Spokane, Washington State, USA

The Limerick Spokane Sister City Relationship was officially begun on 4th March, 1990 when the Mayors of Spokane and Limerick signed a joint agreement linking the two cities. Amongst the objectives of the Sister City Relationship is to foster and encourage bonds of friendship and understanding between the two cities and to bring events of Irish Culture to Spokane. A delegation of 60 people from Spokane visited Limerick in 2013, and then Mayor of Limerick Kathleen Leddin visited Spokane in May 2014.

Quimper, France

Limerick's first twin city lies a few miles inland from the sea in Brittany, France. Quimper has a similar population size to Limerick. The Twinning Committees in both cities had, as their objective over the years, strengthened and broadened the bonds of friendship between both cities. 

Community Group Twinning Arrangements

Limerick City and County Council also supports Community Group Twinning Arrangements.

Villecrenses, France and Adare

This twinning arrangement commenced in 2013 when a delegation from Villecrenses visited Adare for the first time. The delegation was hosted by various families in Adare and a declaration to form a twinning partnership was signed in 2013. In November 2013 a delegation from Adare visited Villecrenses Autumn Fare and had a stand at the Fare. The delegation from Adare was hosted by families in Villecrenses.

Évry-Grégy, France and Murroe

Murroe Parish entered into a twinning arrangement in 1996 with Évry-Grégy which is located approximately 25km outside Paris. 

Ballylanders and Wyandotte County, Kansas City, USA

A Partnership Agreement was signed between Wyandotte County and Ballylanders in 2009. Mayor Mark Holland and a small delegation visited Limerick City & County Council in May 2014. During their May 2014 trip the delegation from Wyandotte County visited a number of Limerick sights including King John's Castle, The Hunt Museum and St. Mary's Cathedral.

Partnerships between Schlossgymnasium, Kunzelsau, Germany and St. Fintan’s and St. Joseph’s schools in Doon

A partnership was established in 2013 between the above schools and this was as a result of contacts which were made through the Hohenlohekreis connection. A group of students from the above schools travelled to Kunselsau in April 2013 and subsequently a group of students travelled from Kunselsau from St. Fintan’s and St. Joseph’s schools in Doon.