Limerick's Heritage

Limerick city and county has a rich reserve of heritage encompassing archaeology, built heritage, the natural environment and cultural heritage.

Limerick is steeped in a long, colourful and unique history, with many historical buildings, events and characters that are influential even to this day. 

There is evidence of human existence in both city and county long before the Viking invasions, with evidence of human existence over 8,000 years ago. 

Limerick’s remarkable archaeological and historical landscape is influenced by and complimented by a diverse high quality natural environment ranging from the estuarine ecosystem of the Shannon Estuary to the many rivers in the city and county, the lowlands and the Golden Vale, and the uplands areas of the Ballyhoura’s and Mullaghareick’s of West Limerick, bogs and fens.  

Castleconnell Co Limerick
Castleconnell, Co. Limerick.

Cultural heritage is also wide ranging and diverse throughout the city and county with a wealth of local traditional customs, traditions and craftsmanship, artists, musicians, poets and writers, genealogists and local historians, folklore enthusiasts based in Limerick, and Limerick’s strong sporting culture. 

The Heritage Act 1995 lists heritage as items such as:

  • Monuments
  • Archaeological objects
  • Heritage objects
  • Architectural heritage
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Landscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Wrecks
  • Geology
  • Heritage gardens
  • Parks
  • Inland waterways

Heritage is a very important facet of the community, contributing to a sense of identity and place and it is important that our rich heritage is available for future generations to appreciate.  It is a valuable asset/resource that generally is non-renewable and Limerick needs to manage and enhance its many valuable and unique heritage assets as we move forward into the future.

This website provides information on many aspects of the heritage of Limerick including updates on the progress of projects from the Limerick Heritage Plan, Heritage projects, recent publications, news and events. 

Story of Lough Gur 810x456
Lough Gur Heritage Centre, Lough Gur, Bruff, Co. LImerick

Limerick City and County Heritage Plan 2017 - 2030

The purpose of the Heritage Plan 2017 to 2030 is to ensure Limerick’s heritage continues to be unique and diverse, while being accessible to all.

Key priorities are identified for a number of heritage areas in which Limerick City and County Council works including archaeology, built heritage, architecture, public realm, archives, the museum, biodiversity and environmental awareness, cultural heritage, local history, the diversity and integration of new communities.

The objectives are derived from the need to:

  • Raise awareness of Limerick’s urban and rural heritage
  • Acquire more knowledge of heritage
  • Make it available in a user-friendly manner
  • Promote best practice in conservation and management
  • Support local economy and tourism

These objectives will be achieved by Limerick City and County Council, working with it's extensive network of partnerships, including the Heritage Council, other local authorities, community groups, land-owners and social enterprises working in the heritage area.

Key successes already achieved by Limerick City and County Council with the support of the Heritage Council under the heritage plan programme include:

  • Limerick’s Golden Mile
  • Ecological studies on the Shannon Estuary in partnership with Clare County Council 
  • Environmental awareness programmes
  • Research on the medieval core of the city
  • Structural studies of Bouchiers Castle in Lough Gur
  • Programmes on Limerick’s industrial heritage, including Limerick Lace
  • Local heritage programmes with local schools

Heritage Officers

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Tom O’Neill
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Bernadette Collins
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