Limerick City and County Council commends areas and groups helping to keep Limerick clean

  • Limerick City Riverfront

Limerick City and County Council has commended its staff and the various voluntary and business groups who have helped to keep Limerick clean over the past six months.

The latest survey by Irish Business Against Litter published today (Monday 07 January 2019) shows that Limerick City Centre is ‘Clean to European Norms’ and this reflects the work that is being carried out by Limerick City and County Council and various volunteer and business groups, which clean up these areas.

It is by working together that we will continue to keep Limerick clean and make Limerick a better place to live, work and play.

The report for Limerick City South is less encouraging with the area deemed to be ‘moderately littered’ and this will no doubt focus the attention for those helping to keep Limerick clean.

Overall it is important to highlight the number of areas surveyed across Limerick which received a Grade A standard.

These are Dock Road, Henry Street, Kilmurry Roundabout to Parkway Roundabout, Little Catherine Street, Patrick Street, M7 to Castletroy, Recycle Bank at Liddy Street, Riverside Walk, Arthur’s Quay Park, Thomas Street, Bank Place, Arthur’s Quay, Charlotte Quay, Shannon Bridge Roundabout & Environs, Limerick One Shopping Centre and Bishop’s Quay.

The areas, which received a Grade A within the Limerick City South report are Rosbrien Road, Hyde Rangers Football Club, Upper Carey’s Road, Ballinacurra GAA Club and Kilteragh.

It is however disappointing to note that dumping and littering in some areas highlighted is continuing.

Limerick City and County Council is working with its own teams and with members of the various communities to help keep their localities litter free, but there is also an onus of individuals, groups and businesses to make sure their litter is disposed of in a proper manner.

It is unacceptable to illegally dump your rubbish on the side of a road or leave containers and other litter strewn around recycling facilities.

Limerick City and County Council is appealing to all people to help keep Limerick litter free by disposing of their litter and rubbish in a proper manner.

It is incumbent on everyone to help keep Limerick tidy and litter free. We all need to do our bit.

Initiatives supported by Limerick City and County Council such as Team Limerick Clean-Up, Limerick Going for Gold and Tidy Towns Competition are also encouraging people to be more civic minded, and help stop littering and clean up their areas.

In 2019, Limerick City and County Council has budgeted €6 million for Litter Management and Street Cleaning.

The local authority also liaises with property owners on an ongoing basis to advise them of their responsibilities in keeping their properties litter free.

We all need to work together to help keep Limerick clean. People must take responsibility for their own rubbish and not dump it indiscriminately expecting others to clean it up.

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