Artists’ Apartments and Studio available in Limerick City Centre

  • Artists' Apartments, 1-2 John's Square
The Artists' Apartments at 1-2 John's Square

Limerick City and County Council is seeking applications from artists for affordable apartments and studio space in the heart of Limerick City Centre.

A total of six apartments are available and one studio are part of this current open call.

The initiative is part of Limerick City and County Council’s cultural strategy to continue to develop the cultural infrastructure of Limerick and to support the cultural economy.

The Artists’ Apartments, 1-2 John’s Square, provide affordable living spaces for individual artists and attract and keep artists living and working in Limerick City, by encouraging living and working within the urban context.

The apartments provide subsidised living spaces in recognition that artists and many individuals working in the arts are on modest income levels..

The Artists’ Studios, James Street offers an affordable space for individuals to produce work and allows artists to continue to live and work in Limerick. There is one studio in James’ Street available in this call out.

This studio unit is part of a complex of eight studios. Each unit comprises a studio workspace with heating and running water and has the benefit of a security alarm system.

This call out will enhance the cultural and social vibrancy of the city centre, with people living and working in the heart of Limerick.

For more details about the Artists’ Apartments and who can apply click here.

For more details about the Artists' Studios and who can apply click here.

Closing date for receipt of applications for both calls is 5pm on Wednesday 12 August 2020.

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