Advanced Manufacturing

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Manufacturing accounts for a hefty proportion of Ireland’s GDP; not only does it generate €135 billion in exports but employs around 230,000 people (Bank of Ireland, 2021). With our high-tech manufacturing ecosystem, Limerick already keeps Ireland at the forefront of digital transformation. We’re driving the future, too. As part of the nation’s sustainable growth strategy, we have been chosen to operate an IDA Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC).

The centre will be based among a cluster of global brands at Limerick’s National Technology Park. It will help accelerate adoption of digital technologies by local and global manufacturers in sectors such as biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics, engineering and industrial technology.

Manufacturers will be able to access a best-in-class digital factory incorporating the latest manufacturing technologies in an integrated, fully-representative production environment.

Swiss automation giant ABB is the Centre’s key technology partner. It will provide digital manufacturing technology, including ‘digital twin’ capability – a method to simulate how a physical object, process or service will perform.

But there’s more. The University of Limerick is developing a world-leading research centre, CONFIRM. Backed by SFI (Science Foundation Ireland), it’s a ‘community of practice’ where industry, researchers and the public can learn about smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 through advances in data analytics, product & process control, enterprise modelling & simulation, software systems, network systems & IoT, sensors, robotics & controls and materials processing

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