Why invest in Georgian Limerick? Innovation

A number of innovations are being spearheaded in the Georgian Neighbourhood. As well as being a great place to live, the Neighbourhood also introduces residents to new modes of urban living.

Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

As a kind of test-bed for innovation, residents and stakeholders can take on an active role in developing the services and models for living that make life easier and more efficient for them.

Urban Innovation has begun this process with a number of projects, including Smart-Ageing Homes and Co-Living Homes, refurbishing historic buildings to accommodate modern living.

Other urban services earmarked for the Georgian Neighbourhood include car sharing and community hubs, where services (e.g. laundry) can be shared for residents within the block.

Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

Energy efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of Georgian Neighbourhood revitalisation. By creating energy efficient power grids and smarter solutions for amenities such as home heating, this revitalisation will have longevity, as well as a positive impact on environmental targets.

This focus on energy efficiency, in tandem with a range of other innovations in this concentrated area, fosters an holistic approach to change; the Georgian Neighbourhood is not just a place - it’s a new way of living.

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