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Limerick Economic Monitor May 2021

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption but the prospect of the re-opening of the economy this summer, as well as building back better and more sustainably, provides some cause for optimism, the latest EY Economic Monitor for Limerick has revealed.

The biannual report, which is prepared by EY for Limerick City and County Council, reveals that despite the unprecedented challenges of the past year, Limerick has shown resilience during Covid-19, with a key indicator being the creation of 860 new jobs and 194 start-ups to end of Q1 2021. Another positive was that residential investment from August to end of February was €250m.

Limerick Economic Monitor - October 2020

Limerick’s resilience has come to the fore during COVID-19, with key indicators from the second of this year’s biannual Limerick Economic Monitors reflecting well on the city and county’s ability to ride out the pandemic.

The EY-DKM monitor October 2020 shows that while the Limerick economy has, like the rest of the country, been heavily impacted by the pandemic, there are positive signs for the city, county and region. Among the key indicators is the recovery of footfall in the city centre, with Limerick at 78% of pre pandemic levels, compared to Dublin’s O’Connell St (50%), with Galway and Cork still only at 39.5% and 29% respectively for their city centres.

Limerick Economic Monitor - February 2020

Limerick’s rising status as one of Ireland’s most attractive locations to live, work, learn, do business in and visit has been advanced by its second economic monitor, which shows that 2019 was another major year of progress for the city and county. The Limerick Economic Monitor (LEM) involves the analysis of Limerick’s economic and fiscal status annually by EY-DKM Economic Advisory.

The LEM provides a barometer across a number of key economic indicators, including employment, enterprise, investment, housing, consumer sentiment, and commercial property. 

Limerick Economic Monitor - May 2019

Commissioned by Limerick City and Council and produced by EY-DKM Economic Advisory, the Limerick Economic Monitor is the barometer used to track Limerick’s performance against key economic indicators including employment, enterprise, investment, housing, consumer sentiment, and commercial property. In so doing, it benchmarks Limerick’s progress against local and national targets, as per the Limerick 2030 economic and spatial plan, and Project Ireland 2040.