Limerick City and County Council CCTV Policy & CCTV Location Map

Limerick City and County Council CCTV Policy outlines specific provisions to assist Limerick City and County Council to fulfil its data protection obligations regarding the operation of CCTV systems. 

CCTV refers to video recording systems and may be used for a number of purposes detailed in the Policy.

CCTV Privacy and Data Protection

The Council currently operate CCTV systems for two distinct purposes:  Community CCTV Schemes and Property security.

  • Community CCTV Systems operate in public places such as walkways, on streets, on roadways, bridges, at city centres and other public places where the public has either an implied or express, right of access.  A proportion of our Community CCTV Systems are real-time monitored by a third-party services provider at a dedicated monitoring centre. Retrospective monitoring is carried out upon request from An Garda Síochána or in receipt of a valid data access request.

  • Property CCTV Systems operate at or in premises such as Council buildings, fire stations, libraries, operational depots and other Council owned locations.  Property CCTV Systems are also operated at locations within Council premises such as reception areas and corridors to which the public has access, as well as in buildings open to the public.

The Limerick City and County Council CCTV Policy sets out Limerick City and County Council’s Policy in relation to the use of Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV).

Community CCTV Camera Locations in Limerick

We have adopted an open approach to the deployment of CCTV for the purpose of securing public order and safety in public places. All the information on how the Council and its partners uses CCTV is available online or by request from our offices.

Therefore an online map of all CCTV in use by the Council can be viewed below.

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