Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource and as such we need to conserve our water resources to ensure sustainability for future generations.

    Water Conservation is not a one off task but is a long term, never ending engagement, requiring an on going commitment of personnel and resources. Water conservation requires governments, local authorities, industries, the agricultural sector and homeowners to get involved in the process. It has to be a combined effort to preserve our largest natural resource.

    Most of us in Ireland take water for granted and presume because of our rainy climate we can rely on having an unlimited supply that is clean and safe. However, this is not the case. Providing high quality drinking water incurs high costs associated with the extraction, treatment and distribution processes. Excessive water usage puts pressure on these processes so if we would like a high quality supply in the future, we must all begin to conserve water now.

    Should a member of the public identify a leak in the water supply network they should contact Irish Water on 1800 278 278 / international +353 1 707 2828.

    Your Role in Water Conservation

    Your home or business could benefit from introducing some simple water saving measures which will, not only help you conserve water, but reduce your water bill also. 

    Have you ever stopped to think how difficult life would be if you didn’t have a constant supply of fresh water? There are many water conservation measures that can be carried out by the homeowner or business to conserve this essential resource at little or no cost.

    Find out more on how to conserve water at home or at work:

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