Policy for the Distribution of Sandbags

In the event of a major flooding incident, Limerick City and County Council typically prepares sandbags for use in the flood response. The majority of these sandbags are used directly by the Council for its own response work. This response work will be directed towards achieving the greatest common good from the efforts expended.

Additionally (and dependent on the circumstances) the Council from time to time makes sandbags available to premises in known flood risk areas, when those areas are at risk.

The distribution of these sandbags are a risk-based decision; however the judicious distribution of sandbags to vulnerable premises can serve to reduce the overall response effort required from Local Authority staff. However it should be noted that the primary responsibility lies with the owner/occupier of the premises to have made sufficient advance preparation against the potential impacts of flooding.

During severe flooding events (and based on the evaluation of risks), the Council may decide to make sandbags available for collection by members of the public from selected distribution points. These distributions will be intended for members of the public in areas known to be at risk. 

While it is understandable that some members of the public from areas not at risk may seek sandbags based on a fear that flooding may extend to their area, the Council will need to limit access to such publicly provided sandbags to areas under flooding or to be known to be at risk of flooding.

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