Mobility Counting

For the purposes of understanding how pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles move about Limerick city, Limerick City & County Council are using micoradars to count pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

The microradars installed at the location you observed will not capture personal data e.g. images of pedestrians or residents. There is no camera, CCTV or other technology used that can capture personal data. What is generated is a count of people, cyclists and vehicles that pass by this radar.

Limerick City and County Council use the numbers generated across a wide range of projects, including Active Travel, Bus Connects and City Centre revitalisation plus other day to day functions of the Council like planning, economic development, etc.

To progress Limerick’s Active Travel Schemes, Limerick City & County Council is required to assess traffic levels in the area, to ensure the design of the infrastructure of the project is kept to the highest possible standards. The radars will be used to detect the numbers of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles travelling through the areas they are installed in. The device identifies these based on a vehicle/person’s size and shape using radar technology, detetcting and capturing movement.

Microradars can stream precise real-time traffic data, without the use of cameras or personal data.

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