Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy

Limerick's Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future - Limerick City and County Council (LCCC) is currently developing an Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy for Limerick. This strategy aims to assess power requirements and the number of charge points needed to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles in our region.

The Drive Towards Electric Mobility

Ireland's National Climate Action Plan has set an ambitious goal for the year 2030: nearly one in three private cars in Ireland will be electric vehicles.

This reflects a broader movement at both the European and global levels to phase out internal combustion vehicles (ICE) in favour of more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. Both the public sector and private sector have important roles to play in supporting the transition to electric vehicles.

Limerick City and County Council, through the development of this Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy, is taking a proactive approach to assessing the expected power requirements on the network and determining the necessary number of charge points needed to support the growing number of electric vehicles across Limerick. The strategy will also help ensure that EV charge point infrastructure provision remains ahead of demand.

Pilot Project

In tandem with the development of the strategy document, Limerick City and County Council is embarking on the development and delivery of a pilot EV charging project. This project will focus on delivering residential home charging solutions and destination charging at a number of locations around the city and county.

This initiative is one of the first of its kind in Ireland and will serve as a valuable learning experience, not only for Limerick but also for other local authorities across the country. As part of this pilot, we are excited to trial innovative ideas and technologies, which will help shape the future of electric mobility in our region and beyond.

Through the development of the Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy and the delivery of the pilot project, we will collaborate with the private sector to support the roll out and delivery of publicly accessible charging infrastructure in Limerick and ultimately promote an uptake in EV ownership.

For further information on our EV Charging Strategy and pilot project please contact travelandtransportstrategy@limerick.ie