How do you see Limerick in 2028?

The publication of these documents, which includes the Issues Paper and Supporting Background Papers, is the first step in the making of the proposed Limerick Development Plan. This consultation documents present an overview of the main planning and development issues in Limerick and seeks to encourage public debate on what broad issues should be considered in the new Plan.

The Limerick Development Plan presents an opportunity to the general public to shape Limerick for the future and ‘have your say’ when it comes to important issues such as housing, economic development, community and heritage. You’re input into this process by considering the ‘bigger picture’ issues facing Limerick, is crucial to its success.

Split into eight themes, additional supportive material is included as separate ‘Background Papers’. The issues and questions outlined are by no means exhaustive, instead acting as a guide to stimulate thoughts, feedback and debate on guiding the future of Limerick.

To download the Issues Paper, click here.

Issues Paper & Background Papers

Information Webinar

On Thursday 17th September 2020 an information webinar was hosted on the proposed Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028 by Limerick City and County Council, and is available to view here.

Limerick Development Plan Webinar 17 Sept 2020 from Limerick City and County Council on Vimeo.

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