About Limerick Regeneration

The Limerick Regeneration programme focuses on the three key pillars – Economic, Physical and Social.

Physical Regeneration

  • Removal of Infrastructural barriers stifling connectivity.
  • Develop connecting routes within Regeneration areas.
  • Community safety through design & CCTV monitoring.
  • New housing construction with mixed unit sizes and types to promote diverse occupancy.
  • Renewal and retrofitting of existing housing stock.
  • Energy efficiency improvements.
  • Social and educational infrastructure - refurbishing existing accommodation and building further capacity.
  • Environmental protection and management with attractive landscaping
  • Improve quality of the public realm.

Social Regeneration

  • Education and learning initiatives appropriate to each life stage.
  • Health and well being of entire population - with age appropriate provision.
  • 'Ageing Well' neighbourhoods to reflect changing demographics and respond to the particular needs of older residents.
  • Employability and work interventions for people currently detached from the labour market.
  • Targeted support for families with difficulties and youth at risk.
  • Community development, empowerment and capacity building.
  • Facilitate tenure and social diversification by improving the provision of private housing.

Economic Regeneration

  • Sectoral training, work experience and work placement and job creation inititiatives.
  • Economic engagement platform bringing together all stakeholders and focused on regeneration areas.
  • Social innovation/social enterprise hubs with support for start ups.
  • Niche economic activities that can develop in line with national opportunity sectors such as green technologies.
  • Developing a "knowledge economy" subsector in community development and enterprise as skills are built locally.
  • Inward investment to be incentivised with long term revolving loan financing for new public, social and educational infrastructure.
  • ICT infrastructure, skills training and usage projects to support economic and social development.
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