StreamScapes Loobagh Education Initiative

StreamScapes Loobagh is Limerick City and County Council's pilot environmental education initiative. It focuses on the aquatic and biodiversity resources of the River Loobagh catchment in south County Limerick.

The StreamScapes programme enables communities of the River Loobagh to learn about the important links between high status local water quality and human health, thriving socio-economy, higher value agricultural produce and biodiversity.

The initiative involves field studies and theory sessions with seven local schools and three community groups.

It is also backed up by a dedicated local environmental booklet which was widely and freely distributed throughout Loobagh communities. You can download the booklet in the supporting documents below.

Our goal is to have flourishing agriculture, forestry, and industry and still conserve our local water quality and a rich biodiversity, which also drives tourism and other economic engines.

Coomhola Salmon Trust of Bantry, Co Cork are working with Limerick City and County Council to produce the programme.

Download the latest documents