Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme

Roundabouts have the potential to be so much more then traffic control features. They can also be attractive greenspaces which greatly enhance the appearance of our cityscape and provide havens for biodiversity.

Limerick City and County Council is seeking expressions of interest from companies and organisations who would like to become partners in the Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme.

Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme 2022 - Tipperary Roundabout
Tipperary Roundabout: Sponsored by Finucanes Electrical

The scheme will provide businesses and organisations with an excellent opportunity to promote themselves through their association with the landscaping and maintenance of roundabouts.

The sponsoring company will be responsible for having a biodiversity friendly design created for their roundabout of choice. These designs should reflect the character of their settings, with the more rural roundabouts incorporating wildflowers and native species, while more formal designs, based on pollinator friendly perennials, are encouraged for the roundabouts in more urban locations.

For examples of biodiversity friendly roundabout designs from the 2020-2021 campaign, click here.

For more details about the 2022 Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme, click here, or email:

Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme 2022 - Ballycummin Roundabout
Ballycummin Roundabout: Sponsored by Regeneron

Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme 2022 - Kilmurry Roundabout
Kilmurry Roundabout: Sponsored by Edwards LS

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