Limerick Actions for Pollinators

Limerick City and County Council are gradually reviewing how their green spaces are managed so as to make them more pollinator friendly and better for biodiversity generally.

Limerick City and County Let it Bee

Let it Bee!

Limerick City and County Council is developing its network of wild flower meadows around the city as part of our commitment to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and to celebrate Limerick’s year as a European Green Leaf City.

Grass and wild flowers will be allowed to grow in these areas until Autumn to provide food for wild bees. In September, these areas will be cut down and the cuttings removed. This will reduce the nutrient levels in the soil thus encouraging wildflowers to naturally colonise the areas.

The areas which will be left uncut are:

  • Childers Road from the Parkway Roundabout to the Roxboro Roundabout
  • The Old Cork Road opposite Georgian Village
  • Condell Road from Shannon Bridge to the Coonagh Roundabout
  • The Dock Road Roundabout to the Quin’s Cross Roundabout
  • The central reserve from the Coonagh to Clondrinagh roundabouts

One of the simplest things you can do to help pollinators is nothing! Don’t cut grass so often, reduce use of sprays and simply Let it Bee!

Limerick City and County Council Bees Grass Cutting Programme


One of the first actions Limerick took on signing up for the All Ireland Pollinator Plan was to delay grass cutting in certain areas of the city and county to allow dandelions to flower as they provide important early food for bees and other pollinators. Signage was put in place to inform the public in these areas and signs were also provided to community groups who wanted to do the same thing in areas they maintained.

This initiative was very well received by the public and the Council hopes to expand the number of areas next year.

Wildflower Meadow 810x456
Wildflower meadow in Corbally.

Wildflower Meadows

Three pilot areas of public lands were developed into wildflower meadows. These are located at Corbally Meadows, Childers Road and College Park. Limerick City and County Council employed a botanist, Dr. Tom Harrington PhD to study these areas each month during the growing season and report on the species diversity, value to pollinators and make recommendations on appropriate management. Copies of Dr. Harrington’s reports can be downloaded in the supporting documents below.

Urban Planting
Pollinator friendly planting on the Shannon Bridge roundabout.

Awareness Raising

Limerick City and County Council has been actively engaged in raising awareness of the pollinator plan through its work with Tidy Towns groups and also by disseminating guidance documents to schools and other community groups.

Sectoral guidance documents can be downloaded from