Control of Dogs

Dog Licences are now administrated by An Post, either at your local post office branch or online at

Under the Control of Dogs legislation and associated regulations an owner of a dog must ensure your dog is:

  • Licensed
  • Identifiable - wears a collar with name & address of owner attached.
  • Under control at all times.
  • Kept on a lead at all times when being walked in public parks in Limerick City.

Dog Licences

Dog Licences are now administrated by An Post.

A dog licence can be purchased at any post office in the city or county or can be purchased online from

Payment can be made at the Post Office by cash, bank draft or debit/credit card.

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Dog Litter 

Responsible dog owners should always supervise their dogs outside and carry bags to’ bag and bin’ dog litter. No one likes jumping around dog litter on the paths or getting it in their shoes and wheelchair, buggy or bike wheels.

You can use any type of bags and any type of public bins to avoid a €150 fine. 

Anti Dog Litter Leaflet

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Rehoming a Dog

It is irresponsible and cruel to abandon a dog or allow it to wander at large. A stray dog is a potential risk to livestock, road traffic and the general public. 

If you can no longer care for your dog please try to rehome it.Contact the Dog Warden Service at +353 61 301604 or Limerick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at +353 61 415618. 

If all else fails the most humane thing is to have the dog put to sleep.

The owner of an unlicensed/out of control dog is liable to an on the spot fine of €100 or prosecution.

Further provisions under the Control of Dogs Acts 1986-2010 include:

  • Control of Dogs Regulations 1998
  • The registration of guard dog kennels (currently kennels with accommodation for more than five guard dogs must be registered with the local authority).
  • The micro chipping of guard dogs kept on certain types of premises and in particular circumstances.

Prospective dog owners should be aware that ownership entails being responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the animal and that there is a financial cost involved. However a dog can indeed be a man’s best friend and can bring great pleasure and enjoyment to its owner.

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Contact Information

Limerick City and County Council Dog Shelter

Limerick City and County Council Dog Shelter
Civic Amenity Campus
Co. Limerick

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 10am - 2pm
Wednesday: 1.45pm - 4.30pm

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Dog Warden Service

All stray dogs are kept for a minimum of five days during which they can be reclaimed by their owners. Anybody wishing to re-home a dog or who wishes to surrender an unwanted dog should contact:

Dog Warden Service
Phone: +353 61 556000

The following charges apply:

Rehoming Fee


Surrender fee - all breeds (excl greyhounds)(with a current dog license


Surrender fee - all breeds (excl greyhounds)(without a current dog licence)


Surrender fee - greyhounds (with a signed micro-chip registration cert).


Surrender fee - greyhounds (without a signed micro-chip registration cert).


Owner reclaiming a dog - Plus pound fee of €10 per 24 hour period.


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This service is provided by

Veterinary Services

Phone +353 61 556000
Limerick City and County Council, Dooradoyle Road, Dooradoyle, Limerick, V94 WV78