Limerick Innovation Virtual Event (LIVE)

On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th December 2021 the very first Limerick Innovation Live Event (LIVE) took place at the Confirm Centre in Castletroy, Limerick. A 2-day programme of events brought together a diverse mix of authorities, agencies, industry partners, universities, citizen networks and more, all collaborating to bring attention and focus on Innovation – for our city. 

  • Limerick Innovation Virtual Event (LIVE)

We aspire to evolve a Limerick that is liveable, service-driven, Smart, and Digital, and leads with its reputation as a place to ideate and innovate.

With the rapidly changing worlds of work, education, and personal lives, much of it driven through emerging technologies and digital transformation that’s taking place all around us, there is an appetite to learn, experiment and deliver new smart and digital innovations. We are not alone – our network partners have successfully linked cities across Ireland and Europe to participate and build on work that is taking place in the wider network, and across a multitude of dimensions.

Limerick is rich in talent and hosts many leading areas of expertise and practice – including some of the leading global technology, medical and pharma companies as well as globally significant research and education facilities. The missing part of the puzzle, however, is the voice of the citizen and how that voice should help inform how this work evolves. And this is what we hope to address with these events.

All LIVE events took place at CONFIRM Centre, Park Point, Dublin Road, Limerick and were streamed online.

Videos from the 2-day LIVE events are available to view below.

LIVE - Event Recordings

Day 1

Day 2

To download the LIVE 2-day programme of events, click here.

Limerick Makers' Club

Limerick’s Makers Club is a community of technologically advanced makers bringing together people with innovative ideas and technical expertise to create solutions to ‘needs’ at an individual or community level

This series of video provides an introduction to the work of Limerick Makers' Club who meet in the FabLab on a monthly basis. This is a grass roots movement, connected to other makers hubs and FabLabs across Europe. The club brings together people with innovative ideas and technical expertise to create solutions to ‘needs’ at an individual or community level.

Limerick Makers' Club: Chelsea Canavan - Artist

Limerick Makers' Club: James Dominy - Software Engineer

Limerick Makers' Club: Jonathan Blackmore - Lecturer TUS

Limerick Innovation Virtual Event (LIVE) Partners

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